Charcoal Grey Slim Bracelet

Charcoal Grey Slim Bracelet


  • U.S. Mil-Spec Paracord
  • Adjustable size
  • Stainless Steel Thimble

Charcoal grey Slim Bracelet

The charcoal grey Paracord Bracelet is stable and solid and indicates maturity and reliability. Grey is a combination of black and white which is two “pseudo-colors”.

In an emotional way the Charcoal Grey Slim Bracelet is perfect for someone who wants to be perceived as clam, solid and stable. It signals a practical use and it will never be the center of attention.

As a fashion accessory, the Charcoal Grey Slim Bracelet will match close to everything. Grey goes with most other colors and will blend in to most outfits. In short, it is a practical accessory for both male and female.

This Slim Bracelet unravels into a 2 ft (50cm) length of paracord, with the amazing tensile strength of 550 lbs (249kg). Instead of our usual shackle, this bracelet is designed with a Stainless Steel Thimble, for increased elegance and sleekness. Inside the cord there are seven yarns twined togheter, these yarns can be unraveled and used for a variety of purposes.

The bracelets can be used in all kinds of situations; both in your everyday life and on adventures. Only your creativity limits usability of the Slim Bracelet. But to get you started we will give you some good ideas:

Use the cord to
Attach gear to your backpack
Splint broken fingers
Replace a shoelace

Use the yarns as
Sewing threads
Dental flosses
Fishing line

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