About us


Hello there, I’m the person behind the company Naimakka.

My name is Patrik Shields, born in Gothenburg, Sweden, I laid the foundation to this company in my late teens, back in 2009, as a result of my love for sport of skydiving and the great outdoors.

My fascination with parachutes and skydiving began at an early age. I began constructing parachutes for my action figures and throwing them from our 3rd story window, over and over again at the age of 5 or 6, this behaviour would blossom into me throwing myself out of airplanes, over and over again only 10 years later.

at the age of 15, my weekend would begin with a two hour bus journey taking me to the nearest drop zone, deep into the Swedish forest, in the province of Småland. 

I came to rely on my equipment for my actual survival. In skydiving, failing gear really  isn’t an option, unless you have an exaggerated desire to enter an early grave, hence my view of quality has been forever altered. Compromise in quality is never an option. It was with this fundamental idea, that Naimakka would eventually spring from.

When I eventually started my company I began using old decommissioned skydiving parachutes and turning them into bracelet, long before anyone had ever heard of Paracord before. 

The name Naimakka name comes from the coldest place in Sweden, a place that has temperatures as cold as -48°C (-56°F). A place that is as inhospitable as any place can get.

Running out of parachute cord from old recycled parachutes I began buying Paracord from the US, setting up a website and eventually I got my products into the largest outdoor retailer in Sweden. Finland, Denmark and Norway follow soon after. Not long after that we started expanding into other European countries, with the soul focus on selling the best possible products that we could. We weren’t a large company so we decided to stay to the smaller product, the stuff we knew we could do incredibly well.

At this stage we are starting to get some tracking and get noticed more and more. Eventually we are contacted by Victorinox and commissioned to design the first commercial Paracord watch strap, not an easy task. We do however manage and launch at BaselWorld in 2014. The product we developed is still part of their collection till this day, a true testament to the quality of our work.

Nowadays we’ve shifted our focus away from retail, in order to be able to deliver the absolute best possible products directly to consumer (you), skipping middlemen means we are able to produce even better products and forming a closer bond to our customers and creating community and better customer service around our products.

We recently went a step further with our watch strap design creating a brand new design for the Apple Watch. After the better part of a year in development, we’ve really managed to create what is our mind is the ultimate Paracord Apple Watch Strap, with custom made Stainless steel hardware and our signature military grade parachute cord, introducing the NAIMAKKA APPLE WATCH STRAP

We have some more exciting products on the horizon and we hope that you will allow us to continue to stay in touch with you going forward. We would love it if you would link up with us on instagram and/or Facebook, whichever you prefer. Just say hi or tell us how our products may have at some point come into your lives. 


Stort tack! 

Patrik Shields