Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions on Naimakka.com. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When do you ship?

We always try to ship within 24-48h from the time of your purchase.

Shipping within Europe

Shipping is done by the national postal service and usually arrives within 4-7 working days, much depending on the postal service in the recipients country.


Shipping outside of Europe usually takes between 6-10 working days.

Tracking number?

We send all our products as regular packages with our national postal service from Stockholm, Sweden, this service doesn’t offer a tracking number, we do make exceptions for order that exceed $200 value.

Can I shower / swim with my Naimakka Bracelet?

The 550 commercial grade paracord is resistant to mildew and will not rot, UV-light can deteriorate the Nylon after long exposures. The Nylon will shrink between 3-5% the first time it gets in to contact with water, so if the bracelet is a really tight fit, we suggest keeping it away from water.

What if my bracelet doesn’t fit?

Normally it shouldn’t happen, but sometimes the bracelets size can be a little off, in case this happens we ask you to send the bracelet back to the address given below along with a note stating the issue: Naimakka Outdoor Design AB, Tavastgatan 46, 11824 STOCKHOLM, Sweden. We will take a look at the bracelet and send a new one accordingly.

How can I become a retailer?

We alway for possibilities to expanding to more stores, if you feel that this could be a product you would like to stock, we suggest you hit us an email to: patrik@naimakka.com and we can start a conversation, and provide you with further information.

Where is your paracord manufactured?

All of our paracord is manufactured by a certified supplier to the U.S government, and is one of the largest manufacturers of cordage in the US.

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

Lifetime guarantee. No-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If the bracelet would manage to come undone or in anyway not hold what its promised we will send you a new one. If you ever need to use your bracelet make sure to take some pictures if possible, give us the story of what you did and we’ll give you a new bracelet if you send us the shackle.

Can I use the cord for climbing on repelling?

NO! – The paracord is never to be used for climbing/repelling or in any way be used in as a lifeline, as doing this could result in serious injure or death.

Wearing the bracelet safely

Never wear the bracelet whilst engaging in activities where you might get caught on something, since the bracelet has such a high tensile strength it will not come undone if you caught! or activities where you might need to escape a vehicle/room/craft and removing the bracelet might take time you don’t have. Never wear the bracelet when you might get caught on something period.

Will I have to pay duty or import tax?

Import duty is a tax you as an importer would pay in order to import goods to your country of residence, VAT (Value Added Tax) is a tax added to the value of those goods. Since most countries have different rates and rules for import, if you are curious as to the rules that apply in your country we suggest using the following link: http://www.dutycalculator.com/help_center/Import-duty-taxes-when-importing-into-the-United-States/

Size guide

You might be wondering what bracelet size is right for you! No need to fret, we have made an amazing size guide just for you.