What Makes Naimakka Bracelet Special?

What Makes Naimakka Paracord Bracelets Special, One Might Ask?

During World War II, paratroopers realized that the Nylon suspension lines of their parachutes could also be used as a versatile survival tool, so they would cut the paracord from their chute after they had landed to take with them. They would use their cord for any number of tasks, which earned it the nickname 'opportunity cord'. They even carried a small guide on how to use their parachute and cord in different survival situations. The life of these paratroopers were, literally, dependent on the strength and resilience of the paracord that was used to suspend their chutes.

This is the reason why we offer our customer a usage guarantee (Free replacement if unraveled).

Ever wonder what the difference is between Naimakka® Paracord Bracelets and cheap “paracord” bracelets on Amazon? A first glance at pictures of cheap, Naimakka imitations on Amazon can be deceiving. What you think you see, you won't be getting. Quality and craftsmanship cost and the benefits become apparent the moment you put in on your wrist. It's a lot like buying a cheap pair of jeans on the Net and feeling let down when you actually put them on. At Naimakka we are made up of a team that sweats the details. We're picky purists when it comes to all aspects of our products .

We were selected by Victorinox to produce a premium watchband using Naimakka craftsmanship. We use nothing but Military-Grade Paracord in all of paracord products and accept nothing but the absolutely highest quality components in anything we create. The quality of Naimakka products is apparent the moment you put it on your wrist or look at it in person. We know that a cheap-looking and feeling bracelet sends all the wrong signals to the wearer and the observer. You can rest assured that Naimakka reflects quality, beauty and strength in everything we create. Check out the Victorinox collaboration

We live in a world filled with products that can be produced cheaper, quicker with lower-quality materials -- and lower-quality results. These knockoff imitations are invariably, inferior to those products they attempt to copy, because quality and craftsmanship matter if you want to produce a better user experience. There will always be those people willing to take whatever shortcuts they can to make a quick buck. They know they will never see that customer again, but it doesn't matter because the sale has been made. Not us, because we know there is no shortcut when it comes to producing a quality product that will last a lifetime, much like the relationship that we pursue with our customers. That's the difference between Naimakka® and Brand-X paracord products: The other guys take shortcuts, use inferior materials and get an inferior result.


Material Quality, Look and Feel
The quality of Naimakka, really comes down to look, feel and quality. Cheap paracord products posing as "Genuine" Paracord Bracelets can't live up to the name. The main component of Paracord 550, cordage, is made from virgin Nylon. Theirs aren't, and if they use Nylon® at all, it's the lowest grade in the hope of getting across the line of believability - to no avail. Imitation bracelet makers, replace high-performing nylon with cheaper but inferior, weaker, stiffer, less pliable polyester, or low-grade nylon. And anyone that has ever bought polyester pants, understands why people prefer wool: The quality is apparent the moment you put it on your wrist or look at it in person. A cheap-looking and feeling bracelet sends all the wrong signals to the wearer and the observer.

Premium-Quality Materials

Early parachutes were made from silk which made them both expensive and impossible to get in large numbers during WWII. Nylon was created as the perfect substitute for silk, as it possessed similar qualities like its strength and flexibility, but at a much lower price and availability, which made possible the creation of a revolutionary new airborne infantry corp or "paratroopers".

There's Nylon and then There's Paracord 550
But not even all Nylon Paracord is created equal: The vast majority of “Paracord” sold is not actually intended to go into the manufacture of a parachute! Paracord comes in two different varieties: 1) Commercial, and 2) Military Grade. Military Grade parachute cord is known as Mil-C-5040H Type-3 and must be manufactured according to the very high standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense. Made in stages, using special Nylon fibers that have undergone rigorous testing, before being shipped to the manufacturer, who will braid the actual paracord. Each batch is tested and issued its own certificate validating the actual breaking strength of that batch! To pass certification, this premium-quality paracord must have sufficient strength to lift a minimum of 550 lbs (250kg); hence the name, Paracord 550.

Benefits of Premium-Quality Nylon:
Highly Elastic
Durable and Abrasion-Resistant
Mould and Mildew Resistant
Easily Cleaned

Authentic Operation Market Garden Commemorative Bracelet
We succeeded in authenticating and acquiring a World War II-era parachute used by a U.S. paratrooper from the famed 82nd Airborne Division during Operation Market Garden; the battle depicted on the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers". The parachute was found by a farmer in the Netherlands, where it had been buried in the countryside for 70 years. In honor of this famed division, Naimakka has created a very limited production run of these incredibly rare bracelets! There is a special discount for current or former, verified members of the 82nd Airborne Division. Check out the Market Garden Bracelet here!

WWII parachute cord

We may make products that look similar to the copies, but one look, up close, tells you there is a big difference in quality and feel. Choose Quality, fit and feel. Choose Naimakka.

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