Naimakka x Volvo - Collaboration


grey and navy blue naimakka volvo bracelets

Volvo. The epitome of Swedish culture. Safe, but strong. Innovative, but traditional. Growing up in the back seat of a classic Volvo 740, the Swedish roads and nature were open to me, inviting adventure and exploration over distances too far for a small kid to fathom.

This sense of boundless freedom extends through time to today, even as the world becomes smaller. The vast reaches of the Swedish north still call, bursting with spruce covered mountains and valleys, and “Allemansrätten” (everyman’s right) is exhaustively made use of. Seamlessly integrating an active outdoors lifestyle with an urban work schedule is one of Naimakka’s greater visions, which is why Volvo Cars felt like a most natural collaboration partner.

closeup image of naimakka volvo bracelet being held in one hand

From the minute attention to detail in their work, to the overall ambition to be a positive force in people’s lives, it felt like a Swedish company right up our alley. When the idea of doing something together took shape, we wanted to design a piece of jewellery that reflected the values the two brands have in common.

When collaborating with Volvo Cars, there were a few things we took hold of. The deep influence of Scandinavian life, so carefully integrated into the company’s design and philosophy, mirror our own ambition. Always pushing to make something just a little bit better, a little bit more unique. To not only work harder, but to work smarter. From fikastund (a typically Swedish coffee break) to fjällvandring (mountain hikes), our addition to Volvo’s collectibles should be as versatile as their cars, while keeping the simplicity that is at the heart of Naimakka’s design principles – it should be useful while looking good.

navy blue naimakka volvo bracelet worn on the wrist of a man dressed in styling clothes


We make our products to last. To stand the test of time, in a time where we buy things we don’t need. Which is why we wanted the product of this collaboration to match the rest of Naimakka’s range, and be useful.


You might have noticed our silent unveiling of the Volvo x Naimakka Survival Bracelet on Instagram and Facebook. A slimmed down version of our classic bracelet, the subtle wrist band features a silver clasp that makes a bold contrasting statement, blending modern style with the quality inherent to both Volvo and Naimakka. The thinner paracord itself is woven through with reflective thread, a touch of the safety vision that drives so much of Volvo’s work and innovation. From the three point seat belt developed for the company in the 50’s, to their 2020 vision of zero fatalities in a Volvo car.


woman wearing a grey naimakka volvo bracelet around her left wrist

The bracelet can be found on Volvo Cars’ collection, matching the aesthetics of the company while fitting right in with the Naimakka family of accessories. A piece of real Swedishness to wear around the wrist.

Find the unisex collection here