Naimakka x Victorinox collaboration

Victorinox collaboration

We started a while back with the Naimakka paracord bracelet as a simple but useful accessory, something to create a connection between a modern, urban lifestyle and the Swedish outdoors. This bracelet is what we come from, and it is mostly through it that we are recognized. However, what some of you might not know is that we have a strong, creative collaborative effort with Victorinox Swiss Army.

Although Victorinox is a household name for many outdoor enthusiasts, most people recognize them by their red pocketable Swiss Army Knife (made with Swedish steel, of course) with its iconic white shield-and-cross logo. For the rest of you who are unfamiliar with both the name and the knife, the company started out as a supplier for the Swiss Army in the late 19th century, honing the skills of knife-making for over a century before they directed their gaze towards timepieces.

Bringing the same sense of quality, utility, and aesthetics that they are known for in their knives, they started making watches in 1989. Then, a couple of years back, the company decided to reinvent their watch game for their 130th anniversary. They decided to create a new line of timepieces, created from the ground up to be the spiritual equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife. And so, in 2014, the Victorinox INOX was revealed.

Space edition, made from Nomex and kevlar

The watch went through rigorous testing to make sure that it can withstand the harshest conditions of the modern adventures, and more. From things such as two hours in the washing machine to being driven over by a 64-ton tank, the INOX has positioned itself as the obvious watch of choice for those who are looking for a wrist companion that will endure adventures and the test of time.

The first ever prototype Paracord watch strap

Everything, from the design, the longevity, the utility, resonated with us at Naimakka, which is why we’re so proud of the collaboration that started back in 2015. The Naimakka INOX paracord strap is the result of a process where every detail mattered. Although the concept of our two products seemed to be made for each other, developing a watch strap that could complement the sense of quality of the INOX required careful thought, meticulous work, as well as some trial and error. But when it finally was released, it just felt right.

Military Camo paracord strap

The result was a durable piece that consists of a mix of paracord and a NATO strap (or G10 strap, as some military enthusiasts would recognize it as), a gorgeous match for the watch that is as close to indestructible as watches come. Since then the feedback from INOX wearers have been incredibly positive, and although we are very happy with the work we have done, that is was really motivates us.