Naimakka Hooked Collection

We're happy to introduce our brand new bracelet collection, the Hooked collection. The Hooked Bracelet design is based on our Laplander Bracelet hardware which was based on the type of lasso used by the Sámi people indigenous to the northern parts of Sweden and surrounding territories in neighbouring countries. I redesigned the part of the lasso normally carved from reindeer antlers, into cast Stainless Steel.
image of a red sami lasso
With this second iteration of the design I decided to create a slimmer bracelet as this has been a request from many, I also wanted to see if I could pull off some stunning thermal colourations on the steel by heating it to temperatures between 230-300 °C. After some initial experimentation, you can see the results that were achieved.

The BEFORE / AFTER reveal some very interesting color change in the stainless steel. This happens because of different oxidisation that occur at different temperatures.
Below you can see the finished bracelet, there is an option in buying the Scorched Steel finish or the regular Pure Stainless Steel.


naimakka hooked bracelet scorched
naimakka hooked bracelet
Naimakka hooked Bracelets