We're constantly on the lookout for inspiring instagram accounts, and we love nothing more than being recommended a mindblowing feed. So we thought we'd do just that. Here are four Instagrammers that we think you should follow.

When you're looking for inspiration for your outdoor adventure, here are four people that will help you get in the mood. Each with their own style, we at Naimakka have come to appreciate every one of their instagram feeds.


Calling herself an “Adventurer Fashion Blogger”, Bethany’s feed is filled to the brim with a combination of inspirational outdoor scenery, stylish people and mouth-watering accessories. You will miss out if you don’t stop by. Ps. she apparently met her husband via Instagram. How awesome is that?


Gregory Woodman is the very definition of an inspiring instagram account. “Still Photographs”. Which is an understatement. If you swing by his website there is a list of some of the brands he’s worked with. Nixon Watches, Langly Camera Bags, Timex. His Instagram feed focuses on beautiful people with a backdrop of dramatic nature. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more talented photographer.


Erics Instagram feed is beautifully low key. Sparingly saturated, his photos pack quite a punch moodwise. His job title is actually Spoon Ring Maker, but this guy seems to keep himself busy. An explorer and songwriter as well, with a special liking for fog in nature, he also makes and sells wicked looking patches, which pops up here and there on his Instagram.


from England, Ruth is an explorer and nature lover at heart. With her own special style, she makes what she calls “affordable art with a clear message”. Her Instagram feed consists of a combination of wonderful artwork and photos from her excursions into nature. Be sure to check it out, and stop by her shop when she launches her new range.