Fixed boots with Naimakka Bracelet

A while back we received an email from Theis Lykkegaard, telling us a story that we’d like to share with you. On a visit to the island of Lombok, Theis decided to climb the local volcano Mount Rinjani together with his sister, brother in law, and girlfriend. Outfitted with their own gear brought from Denmark, they braved the mountain. 

It did not take long until the sole of one of Theis’ boots started giving up on the mission ahead. Theis, however, did not. He had brought some sport tape with him, binding the sole in its place by wrapping the tape around the shoe. After another short trek, the other sole followed suit and had to be temporarily fastened with tape as well. 

At the end of the day they had reached the edge of the volcanic crater. With the boots being taped and taped again over the course of the day, the tape was running out as the soles clung on only to the front of the shoes. As night fell and the group set up camp, worry crept up on Theis as he feared that he wouldn’t be able to make it to the top. 

The group convened over how to solve this crisis, with Theis’ girlfriend reminding him of the gift that she got him for his birthday a few years back. The gift, a Naimakka Paracord Bracelet, was carried around his wrist during the hike. His inventive brother in law, and engineer by day, came up with a plan to use the nylon cord inside of the parachute cord of the bracelet to sew the soles on to the boots. 

Using his pocket knife, they made small holes along the edge of the soles and the edge of the boots. Using a hairpin to untie the bracelet, they pulled the wired nylon threads out from the shell of the cord and sewed the soles firmly to the boots using the individual threads. It took a while to fix all of it. The group kept their spirits high and sewed through sundown, in the dark, and at the end of it, Theis’ girlfriend tightly secured the soles by fixing a bit of the thread around the boots. 

Amped by having finished mending the boots, the group started the last climb in the middle of the night.
At 2 am they mustered their strength and braved the dark. Their resolve held and so did the nylon threads keeping the soles fixed to the boots, letting Theis reach the summit with the rest of the adventurers in time to see the sunrise and the land spreading out beneath the mountain. 

He was kind enough to send us his recount of the experience, along with the pictures they took to immortalise the adventure. We’re so proud that our bracelet could be used to save the situation. However, you never know when he will be in need of another one. We can’t really compare it with the other one, that being a gift from his girlfriend and all, but we’re still more than happy to replace it with a new Naimakka Paracord bracelet!
broken hiking boot
repairing broken hiking boot with paracord
hiking book being repaird by woman using paracord
hiking shoe being repaired by man using paracord
repaired shoes strung back together by using paracord
mountaineer resting on top of a mountain