Unravel your Naimakka Paracord Bracelet

Unravel your Naimakka Paracord Bracelet
April 26, 2016 lmg

Step 1. Straighten out your bracelet and locate the two molten ends.

Step 2. Poke one of those molten ends through the last loop.

Step 3. Unravel by undoing each knot until you end up with a continuos string about 240cm long.

Step 4. Congratulations! You can now use you Naimakka Military Grade Paracord to do all kinds of useful outdoor things!

Uses include:

  • Replacing broken shoelaces
  • Making animal snares or traps
  • Towing a car or Boat
  • Making fire using a bow drill
  • Fishing using inner cords
  • Sewing using inner cords
  • Constructing improvised shelter
  • Medical aid (Splits & Tourniquets)
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Here is an easy Paracord To-do instruction; Make a Paracord key fob.

Step 5. If you have found a use for your Naimakka Paracord Bracelet, but want to bring it along for further adventures, I suggest just wrapping it around your index and pinky finger 6 to 8 times, then around itself, tie it off at the end, hopefully you managed to get all of the cord in there.

Step 6. Attach the Paracord to either a Keychain, a backpack or a jacket, it now works as a super quick way of unraveling the cord for further adventures.

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