The Origins of Naimakka Paracord Bracelets

The Origins of Naimakka Paracord Bracelets
April 26, 2016 lmg

Let the Naimakka Paracord Bracelet
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The Origins of Naimakka Paracord Bracelets

Shortly before World War II, Wallace Carothers of DuPont invented a “synthetic silk”, a polyamide they named Nylon. Its invention made a new kind of large-scale, mobile airborne warfare possible, and the paratroopers were born. Previously, parachutes were made from silk, something that was in very short supply due to the natural method of its production – the humble silkworm. This new, synthetic silk transformed warfare by making it possible to mass produce parachutes and its companion product, parachute cord.

Dropped behind enemy lines, the paratrooper needed versatile, functional, reliable and, as much as possible, lightweight tools. Soldiers found diverse and inventive uses for their parachute cord. Once on the ground, paratroopers often cut the paracord from their chute and took it with themfor future use. They had been trained on ways that parachute cord or “paracord” could be used in both survival situations and for making improvised repairs.

After World War II, the U.S. military adopted paracord for use throughout the Army as a multi-use tool with numerous applications. Today, it is still part of the U.S. military’s standard equipment and is used in many practicalapplications, like securing gear to backpacks and trucks, shelter building and various other improvised solutions.

As man has always used various types of cords for survival — in building, measuring, hunting, travelling (sailing, wagons), etc. –- it is perhaps unsurprising that even today, paracord continues to play an important part in man’s everyday life.

It is extraordinary how many uses you can get from this amazingly strong and durable cord. Suffice it to say that NASA is a bit particular with what they choose to send into space, where every gram of weight is considered and re-considered in terms of its necessity and utility. NASA believed in the worth of paracord and made it an accessory for their astronauts’ missions. In fact, during space shuttle mission STS-82, it was even used to make an improvised repair to the Hubble space telescope. The same type and quality of paracord used for that space repair is used to make Naimakka Paracord Bracelets the high-quality product they are. From our viewpoint, if our high-grade Paracord is good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for us.

Be Prepared

Even when this versatile paracord is braided and strapped to your wrist as a fashion accessory, the Naimakka Paracord Bracelet, remains a potential lifesaver as well as a handy tool.

Crafted from the highest quality materials, Naimakka Paracord Bracelets are manufactured for their utility and reliability. Made in the USA by government-certified manufacturers, the paracord for Naimakka Paracord Bracelets is woven with seven yarns in their inner core and twined together using 100%, Type III Commercial Grade, 550 Paracord raw nylon.

These materials give Naimakka bracelet cord astonishing tensile strength, capable of suspending a minimum of 550 lbs. (249 kg) of dead weight! When unravelled, the bracelet is around 8 feet (240 cm) of incredibly useful cordage. The Naimakka bracelet shackles are constructed from top-grade 316 Stainless Steel, making them exceptionally resistant to both corrosion and chemical deterioration.

Whether you plan to hike for days or just stroll down the sidewalk, let the Naimakka bracelet be part of your lifestyle.

Don’t settle for a cheap imitation, insist on the best quality – insist on Naimakka Paracord Bracelets!