Solid wood from Norway and axes from Gränsfors

Solid wood from Norway and axes from Gränsfors
April 26, 2016 lmg

Two announcements from the Nordic woods

Solid wood

Solid wood“, a book written by Lars Mytting, has become a huge success in Scandinavia. The writer, Lars, who lives in the coldest area in Norway, must have a warm heart containing a great sense of humor. Lars has managed to write a book that is a complete source of information from the topic firewood. He gives us insights when it comes to purchasing, stacking, drying and firing wood. This is a book with facts of environmental aspects and the history of different types of fireplaces. Solid wood is a book based on Norwegian traditions and modern knowledge of renewable energy. A book that conveys the simple emotion of happiness when you engage your time with static work that firewood involves. The English edition of the book is expected to be released in September 2014.

Quality axes

Let’s take the book to another level and translate it into action. Even though the translation of the book into English is more of an announcement, Gränsfors bruk is a company that we want to share with the world. The company is located in the Swedish woods and have built their business around handmade axes since 1902. They have two main interests – quality and environment. Gränsfors bruk cares for making axes that last for a long time and their production has carefully been chosen by environmental considerations. This philosophy has taken them far. Like Naimakka, Gränsfors is very proud of the quality of their products. So much in fact, that they can promise 20 years of guarantee combined with less impact on our environment. And without responsibility for the environment, there’s no solid wood.