Parachute cord – Versatile survival tool

Parachute cord – Versatile survival tool
August 12, 2016 lmg

Introducing the Naimakka Parachute cord. 

We’ve enjoyed putting a lot of thought into our length of Parachute cord.

Let us explain what we’ve put together here, basically, we wanted to take things back to basics, way back, like 70 years back, at this time WWII era parachute were fitted with 24 individual parachute suspension lines, each 14 ft in length, or 4.3 meters (to all of us not using the goofy imperial system). Paratroopers would sometimes cut paracord from their canopies, one line at a time. They would use the cord for a multitude of purposes, everything from the most trivial like hanging clothes to dry, to fashioning a bow drill to build a fire. The possibilities were nearly endless, hence is why Parachute cord is so widely appreciated by military and civilians alike.

Naimakka parachute cord

We wanted to make the cord as long as during WWII and this is the reason we decided to make the cord 14 ft in length (4.3 meters). We’re interested in seeing what you, our customer will do with this length of parachute cord at your disposal. Whatever you do make sure you bring it on all you future endeavours.

We didn’t want to offer any run of the mill Paracord for our customers, naturally we could never settle for anything less that the best possible Parachute cord available, that is why we decided to use the most premium grade Parachute cord available, the MIL-C-5040H Type III. Needless to say all Naimakka cord is made in the USA.

We will upload blog posts here at suggesting what you can do with your Paracord. But we suspect you, our customers will come up with a tonne of cool things to do and if you do please share it with us using our hashtag or just send us an email at patrik(at)

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