Outdoor gear

Outdoor gear
April 26, 2016 lmg

With a Naimakka paracord bracelet on your wrist, you have one of the most awesome outdoor gear at your disposal. But even as the most resourceful lifehacker out and about, there are still equipment to suggest for an outdoor lover. A bunch of blogs are writing about gear and we want to nominate three of them.

Top three blogs about outdoor gear

Outdoor Gear Lab is the best site to get relevant reviews from the camping, backpacking and climbing world. With this blog, you can make your final calls with good reviews in the back of your mind.

Gear Institute is a group of outdoor fans. They are a mix of editors, from reputable outdoor magazines to experienced outdoor people. The writing is with an objective view and gives you helpful advice when it comes to buying, but also, using your gear.

If you want to be surprised over what you can find, The Gear Caster is the site to visit.  It stays to the topic, but the posts touch widely from innovation to more basic needs when you are on your adventures. Read The Gear Caster if you want to stay updated on the latest.