National Parks in Stockholm

National Parks in Stockholm
April 26, 2016 lmg

There are somewhere around 4 000 nature reserves all around Sweden, some of them preserved in their natural state for more than 150 years. Just around Stockholm we have two so called National Parks, Tyresta National Park and Ängsö National Park.

A National Park is, according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the strongest protection a natural reserve can receive. It is a commitment from the government to preserve the nature in the area in an unchanged state for generations to come.

Stockholm is all in all filled to the brim with beautiful woodland areas where one can find a whole lot of outdoor adventure. There are plenty to see, but if you want to start somewhere, here are two tips.

Tyresta National Park

Just twenty kilometres south of Stockholm is this wonderful forest. It is easily accessible, as you can go there either by bus or by car. It is a common retreat for the nature-seeking stockholmer, and the organically growing flora allows for rare species of animals to increase. If you visit the Tyresta national park, with some luck you’ll get a glimpse of the western capercaillie (also known as the wood grouse) in all it’s glory. But the wood grouse is only one of the 112 different species of birds that are known to live in the park. See if you can find them all…

Ängsö National Park

Ängsö National Park is not only one of Sweden’s first national parks, but it is one of the earliest if it’s kind in all of Europe. As an island, it offers a great variety of nature with different cozy coves, areas with leafy deciduous forests and tall strong pine-forests. The park also boasts a vast 482 acres, so you won’t feel short of beautiful scenes. Just make sure you’ve got enough memory on your phone, as you will want to Instagram all that is Ängsö. You can reach the island by boat from Blidösundsbolaget, or even take your own if you have one! How awesome is that?

I hope you enjoy the National Parks around Stockholm! Do you have any special places you like to visit to really experience nature? Tell us in the comments!

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