Shackle pin lost?

Shackle pin lost?
August 12, 2016 lmg

Shackle pin gone missing, get a new one.

Did manage to lose your shackle pin? Disappointed because you think that you wont ever be able to wear your bracelet again? No need to worry worry!

It is super easy to order a new shackle pin, just  –> click here <–

No one is happier than us that you can wear your bracelet again. A lost pin shouldn’t mean the end of your Naimakka bracelet wearing days. While ordering your new shackle pin, why not take this opportunity to add an additional Naimakka Paracord Bracelet to your collection.

Even though you’ve managed to lose your pin and might currently be waiting for a new one to be delivered, we would still highly recommend you bring your bracelet for any and all adventures. The Paracord bracelet is still the perfect companion to use in any situation demanding some additional cordage.

We decided to redesign the shackle earlier this year to give our customers something a little different, we thought we would add an image of the design concept. Our shackles and shackle pins are made using high grade stainless steel, hand finished to remove any sharp edges that could cause discomfort.

Naimakka shackle pin


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