Fishing in Boden – prepare yourself with Fällkniven

Fishing in Boden – prepare yourself with Fällkniven
April 26, 2016 lmg

The salty waves of the sea surround you and the air catches your face making it relaxed but focused. The lakes are calm and reflect the sky. It seems quite and peaceful but under the plain surface there are fish swimming around, waiting for you to break the silence.

Fishing is a lifestyle for many outdoor-lovers. When you fish you get to be a part of the history of a long tradition that connects every part of the world when it comes to fishing for survival. Nowadays you can fish as a sport activity, for getting your own time, or for one single day getting the feeling of your vacation full-fledged. Some people prefer to fish in the sea by boat, some from a wharf or from a bridge in the lake. Other people enjoy fishing in tarns. If you do, you should visit the Swedish north. Boden is one place in the Swedish north where fishing is well represented. There are many tarns you could explore with your fishing rod. You can choose by having your own guide or fish by the countryside and enjoy the silence while your float is bobbing on the water. If that’s the case, you can try fishing with your Naimakka paracord bracelet. Perfect for angling.

Tarns and lakes in Boden to visit:

  • Klartjärn
  • Lakaträsk
  • Lapptjärn
  • Fisklösträsk
  • Flarkån
  • Sandträsket
  • Vitträsk (Brännberg)
  • Övre Småträsket
  • Vitträsket (Sörbyn)
  • Rengårdstjärnarna
  • Vedatjärn
  • Råtjärnarna
  • Abborrtjärn
  • Renoträsk

You can tell that Boden is a place for outdoor adventures when you get in contact with Fällkniven, a family company specialized in knives. Fällkniven is well known as a supplier for their military and outdoor knives and has been the official survival knives for all pilots in the Swedish Air Force since 1995. And when you get out fishing or just hiking, tenting or whatever you do when you experience nature, we recommend you to be prepared and wear a good knife. Fällkniven from Boden is one of them.

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