The Best Outdoor Music for Adventurers

The Best Outdoor Music for Adventurers
April 26, 2016 lmg

When it comes to what music I listen to when I’m out in the great wild, I have a few strong favourites that are just amazing. Here they are, with what I consider to be their signature “longing for the wild”-album.

Bruce Springsteen
Best outdoor music album – Nebraska

Springsteen usually opts for a heavier rock’n’roll style. The drums are usually loud and upbeat, and if you’ve ever seen him live you know there is nothing called strumming going on up there; he literally beats the strings of his guitar. Nebraska is calm. Serene, but with the Springsteenian undertone of real life desperation.

The Tallest Man on Earth
Best outdoor music album – The Wild Hunt

The Tallest Man on Earth is the epitome of the Pacific Northwest. The guitar and his broken, unique voice taking centre stage, his sound completely channels the feel of the great outdoors, the wilderness beckoning us adventurers, and our will to be free. Considering he comes from the Swedish north, he knows a thing or two about the outdoors.

Eddie Vedder
Into the Wild – Original Soundtrack

First of all, if you have not seen the movie Into the Wild, that is something that needs to be amended right away. Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack complements the theme of the movie, the flight from society, perfectly. Vedder gives the impression of having been beaten down, time and again, by this thing that he both depends on, loves, and at the same time feels the need to get away from. Lonesome guitar playing has never been more compelling.

Bob Dylan
Best outdoor music album – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

The two traveller’s signature instruments – the harmonica and the guitar – and Dylan is a master of both. Even during his more upswing songs, he never abandons the low-key atmosphere that is so classically him. This is the album you will have playing in your ears around the camp fire. Or better yet, this is the album you will play yourself when you pull out the guitar on that mildly warm autumn evening.

So for your own outdoor adventures, don’t forget to fill your old iPod or even bring a classic walkman with these amazing cd’s. But most importantly, don’t forget your Naimakka paracord bracelet to go with your outdoor music collection.

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