The Best Hiking Sandwich

The Best Hiking Sandwich
April 26, 2016 lmg

If you’re looking for a delicious and tasty sandwich to bring along for your day out, look no further. Here’s the best hiking sandwich you can make.

When traversing and exploring the great outdoors, it is important to keep your energy. That’s why we want to give you a few tips on how to make a great hiking sandwich for all of your outdoor adventures.

We’ve all been there. When you’re just at the point of no return, when you’ve travelled the same distance you still have ahead of you. When everyone starts to get a bit cranky. A bit hungry. Even though our paracord bracelets can save your life, there’s no piece of outdoor gear in the world that can substitute for food. And as any hiking adventurer knows, food is the key to keeping your fellows happy and content. Depending on the length of your trek, you might want to consider bringing food that won’t spoil, or contains the right amount of calories that you need. But for a day trip, a hiking sandwich might be just what you need (and want).

We want to keep it somewhat healthy, so skip the peanut butter and jam. It might give you an energy kick, but when there are so many different and better alternatives, why even bother? Here we’ll help you make the perfect hiking sandwich.


First out, the bread. While it might require you to look a bit further than the mass-produced white bread currently filling the shelves of supermarkets, go with a darker, whole-grain alternative. Not only is it and less unhealthy and is filled with more nutrients, but it will keep you full for a longer period of time.

When it comes to shape, the baguette is a lunch packet classic. But here I challenge you to go outside of the norm. It’s easy to get a more exciting loaf, cut and pack it in a way that works for your backpack. You often end up with a more succulent sandwich that way.


Not that you can single out any one make-or-break ingredient. The sandwich is all about the collection of it all, the synergy between the different parts that make a whole. But if there is one part I would (unofficially) say is the most important, it’s the cheese and/or sauce. There is a question of whether or not you should have both on a sandwich, and there are loud advocators for both sides. Me, I’m really more of a “have it all”-kind of guy. My advice; go for both.

For the cheese I like a good strong cheddar. Full of taste, yet not spicy, as some cheeses tend to be. It doesn’t get completely messy when it gets warm or melts either. It retains some of its consistency. Score. For sauce I like to whip up my own, since you never know what substances are shot into the premade ones. A click of Greek yoghurt, throw in some pesto and garlic, and finish with a pinch of sambal oelek. That will make your taste buds leap with joy.


Keep it simple but interesting. Peppery, tasteful rocket and round, fresh tomatoes. Preferably ecological; it usually carries a richer taste. That will keep your sandwich colourful and juicy!


For the meat eater, I’d argue that there is nothing better on a hiking sandwich than cold cut roast beef. The rich taste beats cold bacon or regular ham any day. And save that chicken breast for your next salad, it’s probably dry by now anyhow. No, trust me. Roast beef is where it’s at.

However, if you’re not keen on the meat scene, or you just want to treat yourself to an awesome fully vegetarian sandwich: chanterelle. Pre-fry them either in olive oil or real butter, and they’ll go great with almost any set of ingredients. I could even see myself skipping the cheddar and going for some parmesan to complement the earthy mushroom-taste. Yum!


Trust me, try this sandwich and that rain won’t seem so cold, that mountain won’t appear to be so far away and you’ll get along with your hiking partners like you were both born in the same wolf cave, Jungle Book style. Healthy, hearty and delicious. If you want to check out more delicious looking sandwiches (why wouldn’t you!) stop over at this tumblr blog.

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