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The story about Naimakka

Naimakka – A story about love between beauty and utility

The soul of Naimakka

Dropped behind enemy lines, paratroopers found Paracord to be a life-saving, multi-purpose tool. When unbraided, you can use your bracelet to build shelter, secure gear to your backpack or hang up food out of reach from animals. You can also use it to make a clothes or fishing line, snares, traps, snow shoes, a bowdrill for making fire, or a splint for a broken ankle. If you unravel the yarns, you can even use it as sewing thread, dental floss or to make a fishing net. In fact, Paracord is so reliable and durable that astronauts have used it to make repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Naimakka – A place with only one inhabitant

Naimakka is a cold and harsh, yet a beautifully serene place. It is the coldest place in Sweden, peeking an astonishing -42,6 Celsius (-44,68 F ). Naimakka is located close to the Finnish and Norwegian borders. It is only accessible by boat in the summer and by snow mobile in the winter.

Åke is the only inhabitant and he was also born there. Naimakka is known for its weather station. Today, the weather station is automated but in the past Åke’s family used to maintain it.

Skydivers BraceletHistory

Patrik started to make bracelets of paracord when trying to up cycle old parachutes in 2009. When researching the materials and experimenting with different designs he discovered the great advantages with paracord. In 2012 the high school project turned into Naimakka and the bracelets were made available to a broader audience.

Our office is located near Mariatorget in Stockholm even though the customers are all over the world. If you happen to be around, please do not hesitate to stop by the office for a coffee.

With Naimakka, you know that you are prepared.

Patrik Shields  –  Founder

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