Laplander Bracelet – The latest Naimakka collection

Naimakka Laplander Bracelet

Naimakka Laplander Bracelet

We’re thrilled to announce our latest design, the Laplander Bracelet. In addition to being a great looking, high quality bracelet, it also has an interesting backstory. Inspired by the Sámi people who are indigenous to the northern parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Cap of the North.

The Sámi people are famous for skilfully herding reindeer. Cave paintings suggest that the domestication of reindeer emerged as early as 2-3000 years ago. Building generations of knowledge of nature, the Sámi people have mastered living in very challenging environments.

Suohpan – The Sámi Lasso

Sámi herdsmen are equipped with a lasso known as Suohpan, made from rope and a sliding loop carved from reindeer horn. Throwing this allow skilled herdsmen rein in reindeer from a distance.

Laplander sami lasso

Photo by: Nordiska museet

Laplander Bracelet

Sami Laplander

Laplander Bracelet

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