Naimakka Paracord Bracelets

Dropped behind enemy lines, paratroopers found Paracord to be a life-saving, multi-purpose tool. When unbraided, you can use your bracelet to build shelter, secure gear to your backpack or hang up food out of reach from animals. You can also use it to make a clothes or fishing line, snares, traps, snow shoes, a bowdrill for making fire, or a splint for a broken ankle. If you unravel the yarns, you can even use it as sewing thread, dental floss or to make a fishing net. In fact, Paracord is so reliable and durable that astronauts have used it to make repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope.

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Naimakka Laplander Bracelet


Let us explain what we’ve put together here, basically, we wanted to take things back to basics, way back, like 70 years back, at this time WWII era parachute were fitted with 24 individual parachute suspension lines, each 14 ft in length, or 4.3 meters (to all of us not using the goofy imperial system).

Paratroopers would sometimes cut paracord from their canopies, one line at a time. They would use the cord for a multitude of purposes, everything from the most trivial like hanging clothes to dry, to fashioning a bow drill to build a fire. The possibilities were nearly endless, hence is why Parachute cord is so widely appreciated by military and civilians alike.

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